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Educational Multimedia Employee Training

don't settle for a poorly trained workforce

Are you stressing over staff turnover, mistakes, potential legal risks, and other consequences of poor employee training?

You deserve to have well trained staff that want to stay with your company, impress your customers, and make you look like a star. 

Educational Multimedia Employee Training

What you need is memorable, engaging workforce training. We help you do that.

What we offer

1. Instructional Design Consulting

This is for you if your company already has a team working on your training, but you need an expert to ensure it meets quality expectations and deadlines. 

This is typically an hourly engagement where we jump in and act as an additional member of the team. We evaluate the project and learn whatever systems you’ve already got. Then we go where you need it most, filling any gaps in the workload, making recommendations to improve things at every turn, and pushing the project forward to a fast completion. 

2. Customized elearning design & development

This is for you if you have a specific project in mind and you want us to do all the design and development (and localization if needed). 

This is a package project. You come to us with your topic, your content, and any parameters.  We make strategic recommendations at the start and throughout. Your package includes whatever design is necessary:  graphics, motion graphics, e-learning development, job aids, etc.

3. translation support

This is for you if you anticipate that you may need to translate your eLearning at some point. There is a lot of work that needs to happen between finishing a module and handing it off to a vendor for translation, and most companies don’t plan for this.

We build our courses with translation in mind, follow translation development best practices, and support translation after sign off. However, even if we did not build your course, we can assist you to learn best practices for working with large scale translation projects and preparing the files for the translation vendor.

Did you know: We work with clients from all over the US & internationally, as all work can be completed remotely. The average length of time that we partner with a company is two years.

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Educational Multimedia Employee Training
Educational Multimedia Employee Training

Patequin'S instructional design and development skills are the best that I’ve seen in a very long time.

Eileen Terrell, PMP, CPLP, Mars Inc.

“Patequin’s instructional design and eLearning development skills are the best that I’ve seen in a very long time. Traci and her approach to training development is creative and really focuses on engaging the learner in a way that is meaningful to the content and relatable. She builds relationships with clients in an authentic way, striving for a win-win relationship. She’s the full package – truly a pleasure to work with and would be valuable to any project in so many ways”

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Educational Multimedia Employee Training
Educational Multimedia Employee Training


Have some questions about how we work?

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That depends on the project! On average, design and development take about 1-4 months including three review cycles. The process can go faster for simple modules and topics.
It depends on the project and the client. We always choose tools that have a long history of strong user support to ensure that your module has the desired shelf-life.

We can do as much or as little of the project as you’d like! We will need your input along the way though to ensure everything is meeting expectations. eLearning development isn’t a one-time hand off. We will need to learn about your goals, culture, audience, content, and learning management systems to get started. This will also help us build relationships with any internal staff that are supporting the project.

Offshoring can work really well in the right context. For us, we can usually complete the development faster than it would take to explain to someone who isn’t a part of our team. This also allows us to have more control over the quality of the end results.
Educational Multimedia Employee Training

Next steps:


We’ll find out about your company’s specific needs and how we can create the most meaningful, relevant, and effective learning experiences for your staff.


Enjoy a full service development experience as we work closely with you to deliver your high level instructional vision, using sound best practices.


Feel proud that your employees are so engaged and well trained, and the positive impact this has on your company’s culture, customer experience, and bottom line. 

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Save your money and frustration by getting your instructional training done right the first time. You’ll be happy you did when your employees are knocking it out of the park, your customers are getting amazing service, and everyone is raving about your company.

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